We are excited to share a new song from the forth coming Western Daughter EP ‘As the Sun Went Down’. Look for it December 8th.

‘Downtown Again’ starts off like a cool breeze on a summer day. It slowly blooms into  the kind of gust that only happens while riding your bike down a big hill. Not the scary kind of hill that ends up scraping your knees and elbows. It’s the kind of hill you ride down with your friends and can’t help but smile and laugh. This song feels genuine, and thats something that seems to be rare. That’s what makes Western Daughter so special. Check out the song below.

11/24/15 9:34 am

Western Daughter ‘ As The Sun Went Down’

Western Daughter

Tomorrow we will be debuting a track from Boise, Idaho’s very own Western Daughter. Their album ‘As the Sun Went Down’ will be released via Camp Daze and Broken Bark records.

11/23/15 1:40 pm